Naked Munros
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(Written by Karla)

Rain had been washing off the snow from the mountain summits all week and this was only the second day of warm sunny weather. It was still only April so the water was rather cold to say the least and we did not fancy full submersion by the waterfall. But it was not too cold to splash around, have fun and clamber around the slopes! A friend of Jamie had come along with us in the absence of anything better to do. He was standing around in his bike leathers. As I walked naked past him to join Stuart I wondered if he knew what we do in rock pools.

I decided to go further down stream to find somewhere warmer and sunnier that would allow us to properly skinny-dip. It was relaxing to sit on some stones and let my legs float in the stream. Just once or twice I saw a sillohette of someone walking along the West Highland Way at the top of the slope but they would have to turn around to actually see me. It was only after we left that I realised that the less-private part of the stream at the point where you leave to climb up to the road alowed for much better skinny dipping. So overall not a bad stream, very nice clear water, but not very private.