Photographing the Free Range Naturist

(Written by Karla)


I am of the opinion that art should aim to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. There may be a message that the artist intends to communicate, but the most effective way to achieve this is by evoking an emotional response in the viewer. Sometimes the message itself is the means by which an artist can achieve this.

What is a message without some meaning behind it? In other words, art has to say something about our relationship to the subject being portrayed.


For me, the message I always try to communicate using photography concerns our place as animals within a natural environment. Most people in the developed world never really experience real hunger. Medical care can now cure or fix problems that that would otherwise be permanent. With central heating and air conditioning most of us do not have to fear extremes of temperature. This is a good thing.

But conversely, we end up with a new problem; how to apply meaning to our lives. This is not an issue if you are trying to survive. It does become one if you spend your life commuting to and from work, sitting either in a car, at a desk or on a sofa before going to bed. All so that you can earn money to spend it on things that can make the daily grind
seem worthwhile.

Life becomes more stressful but with fewer rewards. For example, we may be glad to see that our local supermarket has stocked up on our favourite fruit, but this reward