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Trip reports / haldon forest , devon
« on: January 08, 2017, 06:07:31 PM »
Saturday evening i tracked down a replacement van axle somewhere in the wilds of devon. So sunday morning i set off in the wife's berlingo , through the first couple of villages then stopped in a layby to dissrobe , another 15 miles or so to the m5 then half an hour to exeter then onto the A38 to exeter race course and off into the lanes through haldon forest. Now getting on for 11 am theres obviously a lot of people using the forest for dog walks, cycling i was getting close to my destination i pulled into a free layby to don some rags and carried on down the lanes, had i left any longer the couple of women horse riders i had to pass on a narrow lane would have had summit to chuckle about.
Anyway i found the cottage i was looking for , done the deal and got the axle in the back, chewed the fat for a bit  and set off for home handy midday .  As it wasnt many miles to the devon expressway(a38) i decided on early nibbles in the first available spot, one of the forestry commission access points to the forest, quite a large pull in off the single track lane to a padlocked gate and a track on into the forest with cut logs stacked at the side and "no horse riding" sign on the gate. Intention was to eat lunch then strip off for the journey home, by the time id eaten a bit of bread and cheese id seen one car pass along the lane, sun was shinning weakly,  sod it time for a walk , i shifted the car so drivers side was away from the lane , emptied the backpack of maps , tablet remains of lunch etc stuffed in the trousers and jumper and exited the car wearing glasses and a pair of shoes, over the gate and off up the track into the forest , the track went over a crest 50 yards in so i was soon out of sight of the gate.  A few hundred yards down hill the track just ended , no paths through the trees so obviously not a popular spot for walkers. All directions wemt downhill so i didnt venture far, soon disturbed a deer in the undergrowth which i assumed confirmed id hit on a rarely used bit of forest. Soon found a bit of thin trees , oak , with a good carpet of dry leaves, easy walking so had about ten minutes shoe less , even 5 without glasses on , totally naked in the sunshine in the woods in england on 8th january cant be bad. After half an hour i worked back to the track to the gate, approaching the gate i heard a car coming up the lane, watched it go past... then heard it reversing back  to slot in beside mine as i faded behind a tree,   2 cars went passed from the other direction then the first carried on up the lane..  i got back to the car and set off for home with warm air blowing over my now slightly chilled skin. First couple of miles were through haldon forest, every parking spot had a car in it , a lot of people out in the woods , just lucky i hit an unpopular spot, if id stopped anywhere else i wouldnt have bothered getting out the car.  Back on the A38 then another 30 miles up the m5 then a A road towards langport. stopped to get dressed in a layby about 5 miles from home.
summit approaching 3 hours naked driving and an unplanned  half hour wander in the woods all in all a fair start to the year. :)

Free Range Naturism / cps guidance
« on: September 14, 2013, 10:54:13 AM »
this website link has recently been posted on another forum, it is interesting reading

Introductions / greetings from somerset
« on: September 09, 2013, 11:15:27 PM »
greetings from a currently chilly somerset, ive only just found this site cos it was mentioned on another forum.
  Ive been a free range naturist for years, either just rambling in the somerset countryside , at home  or  whilst at work..   i just dont see the point of wearing clothes when id be more comfortable without them.  I dont like lounging arround in the sun, i rather be wandering round a shady wood, weve several locally which though they belong to bodies like the national trust, woodland trust etc and are  open to the public are often deserted ,though i do occasionally see the odd dog walker but theyre  usually easily avoided. 
Things have been rather busy this year and ive not had many opportunities to get away for a free range ramble which has encoraged me to discuss naked gardening with a select few of my clients.... ive done secretive naked gardening or property maintainance for years when clients havnt been arround,usually cos theyre  on holiday, at work or gone shopping... anyway ive now got a few  gardens where i  can work naked when the weathers suitable whether the clients at home or not. 

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