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Free Range Naturism / Hotel Pool FRN
« on: January 02, 2018, 06:00:20 PM »
I have started this topic prompted by this comment by Nudewalker in the "How was your month" topic.
So the only highlight in December was a hotel stay where I was able to use the pool and hot tub nude. But even at that time in the tub had to be limited.
We stayed in a hotel for three nights over the New Year and on all three mornings I managed a skinny-dip in the hotel's pool varying in length from half to three quarters of an hour. On the last morning a member of the domestic staff came into the pool area while I was swimming and was cleaning the men's changing room when I entered it naked after my swim. Nothing was said about my nudity at the time or when I checked out several hours later.

About to dive in.

The CCTV camera (to the left of my head)

The CCTV monitor in reception

The picture on the monitor

Factory Farmed Naturism / Potential Clothing-Optional camp site for sale
« on: December 06, 2017, 04:12:19 PM »
I have just seen this on Naturist Corner and the Facebok UK Skinny-dippers

Campsite for sale on the Wye with good skinny dipper potential. The Hollybush campsite between Glasbury and Hay on Wye is for sale, very run down but with a lovely swimming beach on the Wye, would make an excellent clothing optional / naturist campsite. Please note:- I have no connection to the seller.
According to one source it is already unofficially clothing-optional.
Is anybody up for it?
I'm too old to start something like this.

General Naturism Discussion / A bit of home SN
« on: June 30, 2017, 09:06:04 AM »
In response to this post from Jbee, I will try to do a recap on my SN since I got home from Fuerteventura in February.
Looking forward to more on French Naturism, both on the Res and SN as FRN.
Indoors, I have redecorated the sitting room and the bathroom, while continuing my regular habit of never dressing in the morning until there is a particular need - often when we have dinner in the evening as my wife prefers me to dress for dinner.
Every Friday I put out the refuse and recycling naked and whever possible mow the lawn and trim the hedge naked.
I'll look out some pictures of particular activities for a few more posts but in the meantime here are a few stock ones from previous years showing SN activities which I have continued to do this year.

Photography / Posting Large Pictures
« on: June 12, 2017, 06:09:21 PM »
PS. I am looking for techniques that you guys use here to circumvent the photo limitations of the Simple Machines platform which I otherwise really enjoy using.     I am looking for  convenient ways to post modern large photo files here.    Yes, I can and will use my trusted Irfin View to shrink as I have done through the years on similar forums based upon this platform,  but the extra time that it takes to do so is a deterrent when I am in a hurry.    Thanks.
The only way round it is to load the pictures onto a photograph hosting service and link to the picture.
I use Flickr and it automatically produces a selection of picture sizes which you can link to directly.
To include the full definition picture in the post the code is:
Code: [Select]
[img]url of image[/img]I usually include a thumbnail in the post itself which links to the full definition picture as otherwise it tends to muck up the format of the post itself.
The code for this is:
Code: [Select]
[url=url of full size image][img]url of thumbnail[/img][/url]
The BBCode can be inserted using the icons above the text entry panel.
I also use it to link to videos from a frame grab image. For example in this post.

Trip reports / An unexpected quick opportunity
« on: June 08, 2017, 05:25:34 PM »
When I took my wife to a spa hotel for her birthday recently I took a brief swimsuit with me so that I could have a pre-breakfast swim in the pool, possibly naked if it was quiet, but was disappointed to find that the pool was only a small therapy pool.
Nothing daunted I went for an explore along the cliffs and found a couple of promising coves so, of course, I stripped off in one of them and waded in but bottled out when waist deep from a combination of difficult stony bottom, cold water and rough sea.
The next morning I tried the other cove which turned out to be a bit more sheltered with a better bottom and took this video using my phone to prove it.

General Naturism Discussion / Seasonal Greetings
« on: December 25, 2016, 11:46:56 AM »
To all Free Range Naturists and especially Stuart and Karla for hosting us.

Trip reports / Ionian Yachting 2017
« on: November 25, 2016, 10:01:44 AM »
If you have been following my posts, you will know that this year's trip was based on individual skippers organising boats in Sailing Holiday's Southern Ionian flotilla.  In fact two boats went, and you may have seen my blog on the forum on how it went.  Photos of this year's flotilla can be seen here and a short video here.

Our boat found the flotilla format a bit limiting, so next year there will be two suggested options.  Our 'crew' will be chartering a Dufour 375 from Seamaster, from Levkas on 24 Sept for 2 weeks, and our boat is already booked.  Anyone is welcome to charter a boat at the same time and join us for all or part of the 2 weeks.  Chartering requires a qualified skipper  (ICC or RYA Day skipper) and one other competent person in the crew.   As there is no lead crew to guide and help, this is for a reasonably confident skipper.   Jim, the skipper with whom I sailed, knows the Ionian quite well, and is happy to guide and advise, but certainly not to act as lead skipper.

The alternative option is to do the same as this year - get together a crew to join a flotilla.  This still requires a certain amount of sailing experience, but the lead crew is there 24/7 to guide and support. The chosen flotilla (Sailing Holiday's Southern Ionian) is regarded as the easiest for inexperienced sailors.   Have a look at their website for details.  If you fancy skippering but have never done so, this is for you.  Jim's first ever trip as skipper was their South Ionian flotilla, and they certainly made it easy for him.   And if you have never sailed before, this flotilla is a good place to start as I can testify.
This year we already have ladies booked up and the boats are amongst the most spacious and comfortable of their class so the holiday is highly suitable for both singles and couples.

Jim's position as British Naturism's Sailing Special Interest Group leader is to help in any way he can, by publicising the plan, providing advice & help, and acting as a clearing house to bring skippers & crews together.   So if you are interested, send me a PM and I will put you in touch, or email Jim at

I understand that there may be four boats including both chartered and flotilla options so there should be enough berths for you to join us but boats, flotilla places and flights get booked up early, so don't wait too long.

Trip reports / An Ionian yachting week.
« on: October 16, 2016, 04:46:43 PM »
I've just come back from a naked yachting week in the South Ionian Sea, organised by the yachting group of British Naturism.
We covered this area

and had really good weather - lots of sun and plenty of good sailing wind.

As it was part of a flotilla we were textile in port almost every night but we got plenty of naked sailing a swimming.



I'm editing a video of our trip which I'll post here when it's ready.

Trip reports / My 2016 Summer Naturist Holiday in France
« on: June 12, 2016, 12:04:28 PM »

Thursday 9th June
Got up early and did the final packing, etc. naked while M went off to the hairdresser's by bus. When she telephoned that she was ready I dressed for the two textile travelling days and picked he up on the way to the Portsmouth ferry terminal where we had a long wait as the ferry was delayed by industrial action.
In spite of the delay the Hotel du Phare was still waiting for us.

Friday 10th June
Woke up to the realisation that I had not requested the car insurance extension for continental use. However we were perfetly legal because of the EC requirement that all vehicle insurance should include minimum legal cover for all EC countries. We decided to delay our journey until I had telephoned our insurance company and extended the full comprehensive cover. I did this from the bedroom while still naked, of course but as a result we had a rather late breakfast and didn't startt out on our journey to Montalivet until almost 10 a.m.
Next to us in the Gironde ferry queue was a classic 1950's Porche complete with the original sloping Volkswagen headlights and Joe Lucas indicators and rear lights.

When we got to Montalivet I was disappointed to find that the classy hotel I had targeted was now a  tatty café but the nearby Hotel d'Europe which was still in the middle of its renovations for the season (delayed by local bureaucracy) had a decent restaurant and a comfortable room.

Saturday 11th June
As things were very quiet I was able to have a bit of a nude explore in the morning before breakfast, and a bit of shopping in Montalivet market.

As a result we were at Euronat by 10:30 and were booked in and naked by 11 a.m. This early in the season we were able to take possession of our accommodation before the official time of 16:00 hrs.
M was feeling a bit queasy and decided to dress for lunch and forego dinner so I did all the naked shopping and brought back a takeaway from the chacuterie for dinner.

This young lady, pictures a couple of years ago still gives me a very friendly welcome when I shop here.

Sunday 12th June
A miserable damp morning when I was the only complete nude at the baker's for breakfast rolls and croissants although several of the other men were wearing jumpers and fleeces in “willy dangler” mode.
M still feeling queasy and went back to bed after breakfast so I wandered over to the internet café to post this blog.

Free Range Naturism / The car key problem
« on: June 08, 2016, 12:50:13 PM »
I've now got a picture of my dog collar as a wrist band solution to the car key problem.
It works for me and is good for swimming provided you aren't using an electronic car key.  ;) :'(

Free Range Naturism / Naturist Sailing Opportunity
« on: February 11, 2016, 08:19:43 PM »
The BN Sailing group leader has organised some naturist boats in a sailing flotilla and there is currently a vacancy for another couple.
The cruise is from 25 September 2016 - 8 October 2016, in the South Ionian Sea of Greece. September because the sea is at its warmest (26 deg), the winds are less challenging, and the weather usually good. Prices are close to their lowest, and the ports are less busy.The yacht with the vacancy is already crewed by a qualified and experienced couple so this is an ideal opportunity for you to try a sailing holiday in a safe naturist environment.
Please express your interest urgently (but without definite commitment) to myself by private message as he needs to confirm with the flotilla company and they will not hold the provisional booking for ever.

PS I will be on one of the yachts for the second week of the cruise - I'm not sure if that is an incentive or a disincentive.

Suggestions / Google Earth .KMZ files
« on: February 06, 2016, 06:40:28 PM »
For my latest posting on the Free Range Naturism I have achived on my Fuerteventura holiday I used Google Earth to record my route and mileage.
However, not being able to attach the 6Kb .KMZ file I have had to resort to attaching a rather unsatisfactory and potentially copyright infringing screen dump.

It had occurred to me that attaching .KMZ files to free range trip reports and similar postings could greatly enhance our appreciation - especially when it involves parts of the world with which we are not familiar.

Would it be too much to have this small enhancement to the forum?

Trip reports / My Fuerteventura Holiday
« on: January 18, 2016, 10:58:19 AM »
We got here Wednesday evening after overnighting in Gatwick Hilton and stripped off immediately for a naked supper but in spite of having had several periods of 24 hours totally naked I have not got round to any free range naturism yet.
The best I've got to offer so far is a picture of me cooking supper and a short video of a swim.


I'm planning to try a walk later today and hope to have more to report.

Free Range Naturism / The Art of Free Range Naturism
« on: August 14, 2015, 09:01:32 AM »
I am starting this topic as a place where everybody's tips, hints and techniques can be shared.
Please will SNS refugees forgo our usual tendency to topic wander here so that it becomes a really useful resource for beginners in the art.
With a bit of luck Stuart and Karla will find it suitable for pinning.

Trip reports / My Canal Boat Trip 2015
« on: August 13, 2015, 09:01:33 AM »
Following a reminder by John the Nuduke I'm posting this as an introduction to this year's boat trip.

Today I'm having a naked day at home getting everything ready.
As usual I'll try to do a progress report similar to the on for my French holiday telling you where I've got to, any worthwhile incidents and especially featuring all the bits of secret or free-range naturism which I achieve.

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