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General Naturism Discussion / Crabbing Trip
« on: October 14, 2018, 09:29:35 PM »
Weather, work and other interferences caused me to cancel a vacation trip this past week.  Instead, I decided to stay closer to home and catch up on things that have been put off for too long.  One of those 'things' was a promise to my GF (S.).  She got a brief taste of fresh caught & boiled crabs at a recent holiday party at the bay.  I don't know how many people reading this can relate, but there is nothing you can buy at the store, market or restaurant that can compare to catching, cooking and eating Gulf Blue Crabs. I promised to take her to a place where we could catch crabs on the beach, cook and eat them.  Then and there.
So, on Monday, we gathered necessary gear, stopped at Academy to pick up the requisite licenses and proceeded to the Wildlife Refuge where I knew the crabs would be plentiful.
The down side was that this Refuge would be the same that I am currently arguing with over 2 citations received in August.  Okay, I would have to keep my cover on.  That would be a relatively cheap price to pay. This day was for her, not me.
But, for the 2 hour drive, I felt no obligation.  I drove the interstate with the wind blowing across my nude body and sun warming the exposed skin. We arrived at the beach turn-off only to realize the tide level covered almost all of the beach, allowing only a smidgen of passage right against the dunes.  I wasn't too concerned, yet, but the location of interest was still a mile or so down the beach.
This was a place where the ponds that naturally are found on the back of the dunes, actually creep up through the dunes to the beach.  Here the rainwater runoff mingles with the salt water to create a magical mix that blue crabs (especially males) love.  But, we never ventured that far down the beach.  I checked the tide charts and the water level was far from its destined height.  If we continued on, we would be trapped, or worse, stuck in the soft sand.  I can be an adventurous kook, but not today.
After much deliberation and consideration, I decided to return to an age-old haunt of mine.  The furthest washout from the beachhouse I grew up with.  A place that always supplied crabs and other entertainment from decades ago.  It sat on a wide stretch of beach, near the North Jetty.  I thought there was good probability that the beach would be passable.  It was an hour away from our current location, but headed back toward home, where we would certainly be returning at the end of this adventure.
When we arrived at that access, the water was indeed high, but as I expected, passable. There were a few other cars where the road met the beach, but we were the only ones to venture beyond the immediate area.  Shortly, we arrived at the washout.  It is usually a minor distraction in the drive down the beach, often inches deep at the water's edge.  Today it was huge, measuring about 10 yard across and deep enough to swallow a full grown man.
No one was anywhere around, so I needn't cover upon exiting the truck.  Actually, except for the stop at Academy, I had been barefoot all over for the duration of the trip. The day was gorgeous.  A breeze strong enough to keep any biting critters at bay, sun, birds and beauty were ours to enjoy.  We set up chairs and crab lines.
At one point, a group from the other side of the washout appeared.  They turned back upon realizing the depth and flow of the washout.  I briefly shielded myself with a towel, but that seemed ridiculous, so I went about enjoying the day naturally.  The surf was a washing machine, but I was able to be in the right place, right time to body surf a couple waves.  The water was about the same temperature as the 85 degree day.  Not bathwater nor bracing, just right.
We set out to catch enough crabs for dinner.  No more, as we would have to pack out any extras.  If we failed to catch them, then we would compromise with a stop at the local restaurant.  But, as fate would have it, we caught 4 large male crabs.  No babies, no females, just the best, fullest crabs we could expect.  We did catch a female, just as we were picking up the lines.  A nice sized girl, but we let her return home, we had our catch.  Hopefully to enjoy a long life of making babies.
Making a fire on the beach brings its own challenges.  The breeze, the nutrient free driftwood, the sand, and other elements conspire to resist, especially when we refuse to use chemicals.  But, we are nothing if not persistent.  In no time, the water had boiled, the potatoes, carrots and crabs were cooked, and we were enjoying a meal to beat all, while watching the sun set across the horizon.
Shortly afterward, I reclined the ratchet beach chair to admire the stars and satellites.  We watched as ISS soared across the sky along with other satellites, planes and UFOs.  It was only around 9pm when the first one appeared.  I shouted to S.  She didn't believe me either (JBee).  It's too early she said.  They don't show up until late in the night, usually well after midnight.  Maybe it was just a freak, or a vision.  Then another appeared, and another.  Amazing bits of light streaking across the night sky.
We regretted not bringing camping supplies and eventually resigned ourselves to pack up for the return trip home.  I was sitting on my wrap when we arrived at the ferry landing.  The guard was heavily engaged with another vehicle as we approached and waved us on past, with instructions to line up in lane 3.
In the previous trip across the ferry, the guard selected me for a vehicle search.  They randomly perform this task in compliance with TSA and Coast Guard, post 911 requirements.  I had draped the sarong I was sitting on across my lap, but the guard couldn't get the hood open.  I think he was amused as I fumbled with the sarong to maintain 'decency' while coming to the front of the truck to open the hood.
I didn't have that problem this time, as we quietly sat in lane 3.  S. wanted to visit the ladies room and I waned to get something from the bed.  The vehicle that was engaged with the guard, was now pulling up behind the truck, so I grabbed the wrap and held it in place to gather whatever it was I wanted from the bed.  The driver of the vehicle approached and asked if we could help.
His 'uncle' was stuck on a nearby road and they were unable to get him out with their light vehicle, but my SuperDuty would surely have no trouble pulling them to safety.  The uncle jumped into the bed and we left lane 3.  S. was definitely taken aback as I swung by the restroom and instructed her to climb in.  She was not on-board with any of these plans.
The stuck pickup was indeed only a short distance away.  This was an abandoned trailer park that had washed away many storms ago.  The road was only a trail through the marsh weeds and had several water filled holes in the middle of the road.  My truck, though only 2WD, traversed the path easily to the stuck pickup.  It was head first into a hole where the water was up to the head lights.  The back tires were on dry oyster shell.
I didn't think my heavy diesel would have any problem yanking them back to dry ground.  But, fate had different ideas.  I have no idea why all of my yanking didn't dislodge the pickup.  I even pulled out the come-along, hoping to ratchet it out, but nothing was budging the pickup.  I spent the entire time in my wrap, even though I had to open an re-tie it several times during the effort.  I think they would have appreciated my effort even if I had discarded the wrap altogether. I had dug significant holes with the drive tires, and that added to the extrication of us from the ordeal.  It was obvious that I had given the problem a valiant effort.  Hopefully, they found an appropriate wrecker to extract them from the hole they were in.
I discarded the weary wrap to the back seat and took our place back in lane 3.  S. was not happy about the way I chose to end such a romantic escape, but shit happens.  People have helped me in times of need, so I feel obligated to help when I find the opportunity.
I hope this was an enjoyable read.  I really find a lot of pleasure in reading about everyone's adventures and opinions.  It gives me promise that the world can be a better place.  I would post more often if it wasn't so time consuming and other obligations so demanding.  I have a photo taken during this trip and will attempt to upload it to add to the story.

Be safe,

General Naturism Discussion / Hugs
« on: February 13, 2018, 01:34:03 AM »
An article in today's paper reminded me of a topic I wanted to bring to this group
The article discusses the impact of the #metoo movement has on the part hugging plays in our culture. 
I am proud that I come from a family of huggers.  I grew up with the notion that hugs were not only appropriate among family and close friends, they were expected.  Now, there were the odd aunts and uncles that you only reluctantly engaged in a hug even though you often couldn't finger exactly why.  And that was why there have always been a variety of differing versions of the basic hug: Full-on, A-frame, side, back, etc. 
The other distinct variable is duration.  There are certain members of my family that have this hugging thing down pat.  There is an air of regret when the hug is finally broken.
But what about strangers and other social situations, work, acquaintances, parties, gatherings, events, etc.  This brings me to this group.  Some of the best hugs from friends I haven't yet, or only recently met, were at gatherings such as The Rainbow Gathering and certain Pagan events. 
Since I don't frequent landed nudist places, I cannot speak to the hugs there, but friends I have made at clothing optional or nude friendly events have been, to my unscientific eye, excellent huggers.
The Arts event on the 5th Tuesday of January was just an event.  The hostess of the event was at the registration table decked out in stockings and a fancy blazer (it was chilly), but nothing else.  Once we finished the business process of our attendance, our conversation grew more open, compelling her to step around the table for a full-on hug.  Nothing could have said 'WELCOME' any better than that!
So, I ask you, what is your position on hugs?  I think I can figure out JBee and Karla, but would like to hear from each of you. 
I do not intend any criticism of the #metoo movement.  I have personally been on the receiving side of unwanted physical attention and found it difficult to deal with as a fully capable male.  It is about time we unveiled the predatory actions and other overt sexual harassment holding those violators accountable.  But, losing hugs is a high price for which i doubt there will be any benefit.  It would be like removing sex because of the numerous sexual predators out there.  We cannot let the actions of others interfere with our due rights to enjoy life.  Could life be worth living if hugs were forbidden?

Blessed (and Naked) Be,

General Naturism Discussion / Out of Commission
« on: June 10, 2017, 06:28:06 PM »
It is time to let all of my FRN friends know what became of me Sunday, May 28th. It has briefly, but significantly, changed my life 180 degrees. I broke both feet.

I accomplished this feat after 4 days of following my brother's compadres in the North American J24 Regatta held off Sylvan Beach and hosted by the Houston Yacht Club. At the close of the event we were readying my BIL's boat for transport at the head of the boat ramp. 3 of us were on the cabin manipulating the mast into place.

This is not a 3 person job and I was the odd man out, so I backed off, out of the way to crouch at the side of the bow. I grasped the safety line (lifeline) as security. As I grabbed the line, it fell loose in my hand.

I'm not sure why it decided to fail at that time, I certainly wasn't pulling hard on the line. I lost my balance and was faced with the fact that I was headed over-board. I made a conscious decision to jump, rather than fall the 6 ft. to the asphalt surface below.

I landed squarely on my feet, crouched in what I thought, and my brother described, as a perfect 2-point landing. But, my feet were very angry about the whole exercise. Pat and Dave finished securing the boat while I lay on the asphalt assessing my situation. Others provided me with some ice for my painful feet.

2 friends utilized a 'fireman's lift' to hoist me into brother's p/u and we went to the closest hospital for x-rays. It was discovered that I had broken both heels (bi-lateral calcaneus fx). The fractures are simple, but needed plates and a screw due to the complexities of that particular bone. I believe the story of Humpty Dumpty originated from a calcaneus injury.

Anyway, I am now completely off my feet. No walking, driving, sailing or other endeavors (nude or otherwise) that had been my life for the past 60+ years, at least not for 6 weeks - 6 months. With the help of a very capable and loving support network, I am comfortable in my new wheelchair and being tended to by my kids, extended family and many others.

The GF tells me that it is The Universe's way of teaching me to accept help instead of being the giver so much of the time. I am sure there is a lesson here (or 2), just not clear on it just yet.

I will get past this and continue to appreciate all of the love and support demonstrated thus far. We are certainly a community, not islands, separate in isolation.


General Naturism Discussion / Vestiphobia
« on: December 19, 2016, 07:07:54 PM »
By simply thinking about clothes, do you become woozy?
Do you instantly get dry mouth?
Does your heart begin to race?
Do your legs turn to rubber under the weight of your own body?
Then you have vestiphobia!  But worry no more. There is treatment available.

Trip reports / Lake Travis and Barton Creek
« on: October 26, 2016, 10:50:21 PM »
Had a nice long weekend in and around Austin that included some FRN. I spent Friday with family on Little Brother's 27 ft Catalina, sailing (textiled) around the South end of the lake. But, to end the day at Paleface (Pace Bend) Park. This is a large park surrounded on 3 sides by the lake.  Back in the day it was a nude sunbathers paradise, but is no longer as free and forgiving. But, the primitive camping can be quite private if carefully scouted. I found a nice spot in the trees just up from a beach perfect for landing my sailboat. Spent Saturday sailing Lake Travis end to end. Well, I tried anyway. I shucked the shorts just as we left the yacht club and reluctantly replaced them as we crossed the wave break coming into the marina. Saturday morning was chilly enough to keep me covered at the campsite, but Sunday I felt comfortable wearing only a sort while firing up the pit, preparing the coffee and breakfast. I would put on a sarong for trips to the loo and down to the beach.
 GF and I decided to visit Barton Creek Greenbelt on the way home instead of another sailboat adventure.  I had a favorite swimming hole that I frequented when I lived in Austin, in the 90s. It wasn't one of the publicized skinny-dipping pools so it didn't get as much traffic. It was one of those where the first people there set the rules. I was surprised that no one was there on a beautiful Sunday afternoon when we arrived. So I happily established it as a naturist day. The water was completely clear and bracingly cold. The weather was beautiful. A young couple joined me for a swim and several others happened by on the trail, but I was the only one enjoying the unclothed option. My GF remained clothed, not entirely comfortable getting naked in the middle of the city in an unfamiliar locale.  She was also very nervous about the amount of poison oak along the creek. Then, it was a brief, 2hr drive home and back to the work week drudgery.

General Naturism Discussion / Police Voyeurs
« on: October 05, 2016, 07:01:43 PM »
Police are using a new tactic to catch drivers on their cell phones. Police in many different communities are using school buses, heavy trucks, motorcycles and other high profile vehicles to look inside the driver's window to see if they are texting, emailing or surfing the internet. What else might they see and decide to initiate a traffic stop? The blurb I saw showed the cops in the observation vehicle video taping the perps, then sending the video electronically to the catch unit.  This all seems a bit voyeuristic to me.
I usually cover when next to a school bus, but no longer worry about other high profile vehicles. Now I have one more thing to worry about.

Trip reports / Hotel
« on: August 25, 2016, 03:19:01 AM »
At the risk of dating myself, whatever that means, there was a time when hotels didn't keep a constant camera on the pool and hot tub, and they actually could be used anytime you needed a relaxing soak or swim. There was a 'patio hotel' chain originating in Texas that was particularly adept at this concept. I used to wrap a towel around me and walk out to the pool when I had a long day or otherwise was suffering from insomnia. Usually I had the pool/hot tub to myself, but occasionally there were others enjoying the amenities as well.
I can honestly say that I haven't done that in a while. At least until recently.
I had to visit a project in Corpus Christi and made a trip down to the National Seashore that afternoon. It was a weekday and the beach excursion was uneventful. Well, almost. I stopped on the public beach in an area that is often clothing optional, and there were a few enjoying the option. I went in for a final dip and noticed a car lurking about. Obviously not LEO, I didn't bother with a cover. He pulled up and asked if it was ok to be naked there.  He claimed to be from Port A, and had heard that there was a clothing optional area but not sure where it was. I explained the ins and outs of nudity regulations in Texas and the various jurisdictions that patrol the beaches. There is only one public beach where nudity is allowed and that's on Lake Travis. Everywhere else, well, it's complicated. Long story, short, he parked, dropped trou, and ran into the water. 😁
But, this is a story of the hotel. After stopping at the Surf Shop bar for a pint and fish tacos, I checked into the hotel. I chatted with the friendly receptionist and came to the conclusion that she was the only staff on duty. Not sure why that was important or even crossed my mind, but I filed it away anyway. After settling in the room and not finding anything on the tube, the aches and pains of traveling and exercise started to demand attention. I thought, "hey, I bet this place has a hot tub!". I threw on a pair of shorts to investigate the amenities.
Sure enough, off the main corridor on the first floor, was the pool and hot tub. Shorts were the closest thing to swimwear that I had with me, but I didn't like the prospect of lounging in wet shorts. I simply sat on the edge of the tub and dangled my legs in the warm and invigorating water. I scouted out the area for cameras, but failed to find any. Knowing that they were probably there anyway, I decided to be cautious.
I wrapped a pool towel around me and slid the shorts off. Then I slid down into the water, leaving the towel on the side. Feeling very proud of my stealth, I lingered in the tub for several minutes. At one point, a couple of women came into the area and we chatted casually. A while after they left, I felt it was time for me to cool off. So I slid out of the water, into the towel and repeated the process at the pool. Ahh...
A couple of cycles between the tub and pool and I was feeling much better. Then I spied the sauna! Wow!Pay dirt!  No one else interrupted my spa treatment, as I lounged as long as I wanted. The last thing I wanted to do was put on the shorts for the brief trip back to the room, so I planned out a route through the stairs. Leaving the pool towel in the hamper and shorts in hand, just in case.
I was on the third floor, headed down the hall, when the elevator doors opened and a young couple popped into the hall ahead of me. I simply held the shorts strategically in front and greeted them as though everything was as it should be. They responded nicely as we passed each other. They reached their room as I reached mine, but I didn't look back to see what reaction they may have had from my clearly exposed butt. No audible reaction was detected.
Best night at a hotel in a long time.

General Naturism Discussion / Outed
« on: December 26, 2015, 04:17:28 AM »
I had an interesting holiday visit at the sister's this Christmas Eve.  She recently moved to the Texas Hill country and wanted the family to visit the new digs for the break.  The 4 siblings and a bunch of nephews/nieces congregated for feast and story sharing.  The next door neighbor stopped by to visit while we were enjoying the 80 degree December day.  As my sister introduced us, she (the neighbor) pointed at my little brother and asked; 'Is this the skinny dipper'?

Everyone laughed and said that the title certainly might fit him, but we weren't sure that he was the brother she was referring to.  She then clarified with 'The naked bicycle rider'?  "Oh no!" my sister explained, "This is that brother!"  Pointing in my direction.  The neighbor explained that the rules at their house were simple, ' If you don't want to be surprised by what we are, or aren't wearing, please give us a heads up if you plan to visit.

This was an awesome conversation opener.  My family has always known about my penchant to wander about without concern for my state of dress, but this was the first I heard that they knew about my participation in the WNBR - Austin.  Trips to Hippie Hollow, clothes free sailing and frolicking on the beach are one thing, but bare ass naked on the city streets are quite another.  Several of my relatives are comfortable with the naked human form, my sister is not part of that group.  The sweet lady from next door was kind enough to put it into perspective for her.  I look forward to meeting her (& her husband) on their own terms.

Be Safe - Be Bare & Merry Christmas

Introductions / Safebare
« on: October 11, 2015, 02:54:56 PM »
Just stopping is to say Hello! and thanks for creating this wonderful site.  I have been a Free Range Naturist all of my adult life, just didn't call it that, and can trace it back to about 8 years old or so when I would skinnydip and wonder the woods, barefoot all over, at a neighbors lake house.  My friend and I called it 'going bot'.  Not sure why. 
Been going to the beach since diaper days and still find an occasional opportunity that I will share with everyone here.  I also am a recreational sailor (22' MacGregor).  Often to be found on the waters in and around Texas.
I too avoid the crowds and look for simple places to connect with nature, a few close friends and perhaps friends that I haven't met yet.  Been a card carrying member of TNS for about 25 years now, but not a member of any resorts or clubs.  I look forward to getting to know others here and maybe crossing paths on a trail, bay, beach or lake.  Until then,

Be Safe, Be Bare,

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