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Free Range Naturism / Free hike? Only in rainy days or even at night
« on: February 04, 2021, 10:25:57 AM »
I feel only comfortable to try "free hikes" only at dusk time / evenings in trails that i know best or in rainy days.
This past weekend was a rainy and cold (as the past two weeks here in Portugal), but I had to do some naked walking no matter what.
On staturday it was cloudy but not rainy. i went to one of my favorite spots, a little canyon of the river Mau, that is a afluent of Douro river. The canyon is between two highladns, the river is a stream, in reality (when it is not raining), have a wonderful swimming spot by the middle of the trail along the stream, called poço negro (black well) where a small waterfall falls to it. You have more two waterfall along the way, the last is very high, is where the canyon ends and you have to scale the wall to get to the top of the mountain. I started clothed because of the cold, but as soon as i started walk, i just take my short shorts off and proceeded like this for all the trail. It started to rain, after 30 min in the trail. I could not pass the river (now it was a big river beacuse of the rain) and could not go to my swimming spot, i had to return and proceed to the other end of the canyon, made shorter way. i could reach the waterfall in the end of the canyon and scaled the wall naked, walked in the wild path almost in the top of the canyon. There is a larger road above, that is commonly used by walkers, bikers and so on, but i prefer to use the trail behind this one, cause it is more secluded. When I was walking naked(with only my water proof jacket, hat, boots and backpack, some all terrain bicyclers pass by me from the higher trail. I did not noticed them but they said "good morning" very loud to me. I think that they saw my naked butt. I responded back and proceed. Did not have any other encounter and returned to my car wet as a chicken, but very happy, as usual after a hike like this.
On sunday, it was raining all along the day, but i decided to go walking anyway. I went to my other favorite spot, another a riverbed called "Leça", the point where this river starts is a mount (not high) with several waterfalls and with a trail that goes along that streams. On the top of the mount you have an area that is used a lot during the summer for picnics, because there is a oakwood forest (very old!) with and old chapell and cross called "Valinhas" (lithe valley). I started there. Once it was raining i did not care of taking my clothes off from the starting point in my car. It was raining, so i had to have hat, wp jacket, boots and my backpack (with water, fruits). It was really pleasant, but cold. I descend along the stream that was huge because of the rain, and when i reached the end below a biker saw me descending the wild trail to the main track. I did not see him, cause i was focused on the trail down, he looked at me with a grave face. I took my shorts from my pocket and start squeezing to show him they were all wet, and proceeded down naked. He looked twice, made a U turn and just went off. Maybe i have scared him. Anyway it was wonderful walk. I returned much more wet than in saturday, but anyway happy again.
The only thing bad is that i get my two waterproof walking tennis shoes wet - cause the rain flowed from my legs to the socks and penetrated the shoes.. So it is now the fourth day since my last adventure and they still wet.. Maybe i have to use my flip-flops in the next weekend...
See the photos I took.

Introductions / Gretings from Porto, Portugal
« on: November 02, 2020, 01:33:44 PM »
Hello, my name is Luis and I am brazilian.
I am also portuguese as I live her in Portugal for 14 years now.
I am addicted to naturism since 2009.
Before that I was a home nudist since the 90's. I forgot all about it during the 2000's
But in 2009 I reconnect to my old naturist self when I found a nudist beach here in the north of Portugal and knew very good people, couples and naturista families.
Had took part in some naturist association as well, but I felt disappointed with some people in the higher positions on those associations. I just joined again very recently to two naturist association, after knowing their leaders for more than a decade. In fact I prefer solitude when I am naked. I really like people but the unique experience of being in nature as God intended is something that you can't compare it with nothing.
In my family I am the only one. One the things that really puts me down is the fact that my daughter never accepted this. She used to live with me from 2015 to 2019. Now she returned to her mom in Brazil, but I think one of the reasons it was because my naturist habits at home, specially during summer time.
ISo, I like to hike naked, swim specially in secluded or far places, where I would not be bumping into other clothed people. Of course this happens and happened to me many times but I did not find any negative reactions so far.
Hope to find like minded people here.
I am on my 50's now.

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