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The end of May my 82 year old mother paid a visit. On Memorial weekend my wife, mom and I drove from central Montana through the northern route of Yellowstone and over the Beartooth Pass.  The Beartooth pass opened the day before. The last leg of the route over the Beartooth was at sunset. While I drove, I talked about things that happened in my childhood. My mom was hard at work refashioning the past into a new thing that did not match with what I experienced. In the conversation I disclosed the fact that my brothers and I swam naked in the Boy’s Club pool. In fact all the boys I knew did. It was the way it was. We each paid a dime. The dime was exchange for a clean towel. All clothes were stashed in an open locker. All my chums lined up naked at the pool door. A fellow rubbed each boy’s wrist to check for cleanliness.
 My mom expressed shock upon learning her sons did such a thing. I was taken back by her response. This was a different woman than the one I had as a mother. She is not the only one who expresses disbelief at the thought of a time when swimming naked at the Boy’s Club, YMCA and other pools was the norm for boys and men.
My experience with skinny dipping or nude swimming at the Boy’s Club was my first exposure to social nudism. The experiences then have stuck with me.
Recently I found this site that explore the period I knew. Like the author I am dismayed by how quickly the near past is remade into something different than what was.
Here is a link to the site.


Introductions / Howdy from a longtime free range naturist in Montana
« on: June 25, 2017, 04:01:55 AM »
Howdy from Freehiker, in Montana,

I also go by David. Some of you know me I use to haunt the Naked Hiking forum. I have been a free ranger from my teens on. I naked fly fish, hike and camp in the mountains 40 to 90 miles east of my home. It all depends on the mountains I want to visit. When hiking I go with out a net. Besides hiking in Montana, I've hiked in Utah and love the deserts of Southern California.

When not in the mountains I am in my studio. I am a trained fine artist. I draw and paint nudes in landscape. From time to time I also model for life drawing classes.


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