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Yes, there was a little something about black bears. And yes I have both grizzlies and black bears to deal with. Up here many of the unfortunates, were lone hikers encountering grizzlies. Such meeting never go well for the hikers. I stopped hiking an area of the Rockies because a fellow was feed grizzles. All those bear where hunted down and killed. They were to great a risk to have once they were use to people feeding them. 

About three years ago a black bear and I passed going opposite directions. The bear was feeding on red dogwood berries growing along a creek bottom. We eye each other. Then we went our own way.

 I have a friend who hikes and camps with me. Doing so reduces the risks in wild country.  Dan In Ma met my friend Larry years a go.

I believe you were going to meet me at De Anza to hike around 2013. Kidney failure cut my plans. Price of hiking desert without enough water. Now full function of kidneys is back. I am a luck man.

You can bet I will have much to share. And yes I do have pic. I just have to reduce them to the required posting size.



Thank you John P.

You will be hearing from me. Soon I will be writing about my camping trip  last weekend in the Castle mountains.


Introductions / Howdy from a longtime free range naturist in Montana
« on: June 25, 2017, 04:01:55 AM »
Howdy from Freehiker, in Montana,

I also go by David. Some of you know me I use to haunt the Naked Hiking forum. I have been a free ranger from my teens on. I naked fly fish, hike and camp in the mountains 40 to 90 miles east of my home. It all depends on the mountains I want to visit. When hiking I go with out a net. Besides hiking in Montana, I've hiked in Utah and love the deserts of Southern California.

When not in the mountains I am in my studio. I am a trained fine artist. I draw and paint nudes in landscape. From time to time I also model for life drawing classes.


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