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General Naturism Discussion / Heard at the beach and by the poolÖ
« Last post by jbeegoode on April 25, 2021, 02:41:20 AM »
An attempt at humor, irony, poking fun at swim suits...thought that I'd give it a stab...or how's about poignant exercise in...nah.

General Naturism Discussion / Re: clothing is really bad
« Last post by jbeegoode on April 23, 2021, 08:44:14 AM »
I think that simplistic absolutism has tainted the nature and notion of socially nude behavior. We are not all sexually stimulated, or aggressive the same. We as individuals donít even act, feel, or respond to another in a consistent way during any day. Sexual stirrings pop up, die down, they change, they are not the same for all others.

Undressed, it Is no different.

When we are in various social settings, we behave differently. Otherwise we would not keep our jobs; we would get into altercations and escalations. Social graces must be learned and humans are brilliant at learning its intricacies. You learn to wait for a best opportunity, before engaging another potential sexual partner; you take a step by step process.

There is also generally less visual stimulus for females that males. This hasnít been proven to be caused by human nature, or social conditioning at this point. The thing is, there is self-control and there are social graces. It is even abnormal and perhaps a defect to be devoid of these two pieces of our humanity.

People donít like to be stared out, and sometimes they do. Sometimes one may prefer to choose who and how stares at them. We learn not to stare, at a clothed person, or nude alike. We pick up subtle clues.

The textile culture teases with clothing. The mystery, the curiosity, the lustful stripping away and for some, power and  dominate stripping comes from the games of clothing. This gets carried over into nudistís settings and across the world what is socially approved varies. After a time in a nudist setting these conditioned learned behaviors tend to dissolve along with other various reactions to the different scene. The repressive construct of the outside world is a powerful influence, something that can even fool the thinking of what is natural human behavior.

The old magazine covers in this article depict what was culturally attractive at that time. Big butts are attractive in Brazil and many places, but personally, it is not my preference. I have had stages attracted to various preferences of body type, smaller blondes, more Playboy features, oriental, and this diversity of preference has changed with who I have bonded with as years pass. I spent years just finding a person with different body features a curiosity to be attractive. I have become more female. I tend to be less interested in visual stimulation than how I feel next to and with someone. Extended time nude contributed to that. When the clothing disappears from the equation the balance seems to be more affectionate than hot shapes, sizes, textures, on and on.
Sexual fantasy erupts, but it can be as diverse as each human being on the planet. It is often a product of an unhealthy environment. It is often oriented to clothing imposed scenarios.

This article was written by a man, probably middle age, or older, odds are white. The attitudes and assumptions reflect that personís learned culture, but not all human beings would see it that way.

The thing is, that we usual healthy human beings have flowing through our experience, hormones, emotions, urges, frustrations, challenges and many other personal human traits. We have the ability to, in many ways, some more healthy than others, to control and adapt these experiences. For example,  we will all experience  anger, that is natural and very human. It is what we do with that anger that counts. Our sexuality can also be dealt with. We may fail to hide anger, but we learn to not clobber someone, we may forgive instead of creating problems. We can own our anger, it doesnít own us. The same is true for sexuality. If you learn that it is acceptable to behave in a way, you might behave that way, but after the end of ignorance, you do have a choice.

For me and many many others, the stimulus of removing clothing very shortly ends when the clothing is removed. It is easy to be comfortable and not make someone else uncomfortable when nude. It is easier to deal with sexual urges. Much of the social conditioning disappears.

General Naturism Discussion / Re: clothing is really bad
« Last post by Bob Knows on April 21, 2021, 07:58:52 PM »
I ran across a really good article about Nudity vs. Sexuality.  Worth a read. 

Do not tell me nudity bears no relationship to sexuality. The adult human body is an explicitly sexual display ó evolved over a million years ó designed to attract a mate.

    Nudists of yesteryear had a very difficult problem. To even exist they had to vehemently assert that their nudity was innocent of sexual thought. It was a tough row to hoe. Many Americans, at least, had never seen a nude body other than their spouse. Religious doctrine shaped their morality and the government gave it the force of law. Nudists had to exist in the cultural fringes and remote areas of the country. They had to appear to be asexual to the point of Puritanism.

    It was a lie then and it is a lie today. (emphasis added)
Trip reports / Re: First canoe trip of the year!
« Last post by John P on April 21, 2021, 03:25:57 PM »
JBG, I'm not sure that Jacques' boat is the one you should want. That's a sea kayak, made to keep a straight course on large water bodies. It's not the best choice where you have to maneuver among rocks, or paddle up narrow twisting streams. Also, although there are two cargo compartments, the luggage capacity is limited--you're not likely to fit all your glamping gear! Plus for a naturist, that kind of boat is somewhat confining.

See three different choices of boat in this thread from 2017:

An open canoe leaves you vulnerable to the wind and waves. But if you want to take enough camping gear to get out of backpacker mode, it's the way to travel.

Trip reports / Re: First canoe trip of the year!
« Last post by jmf on April 21, 2021, 12:40:22 PM »
Is there room to store camping gear for an adventure?
What is the black circle behind the oarsman? Is there room to store camping gear for an adventure?

Well Jbee answered to all the questions;-)

How much does such a boat cost, if I may be so bold as to enquire?

I bought it 800Ä ...but it was worth 1150. Its previous owner had bought it new, but had not been able to use it, having fallen ill and then passed away.
Free Range Naturism / Re: The Secret Naturist Handbook
« Last post by jbeegoode on April 21, 2021, 07:38:13 AM »
The object is to not be seen so as not to be arrested, in a most likely more urban/suburban setting.

I have done secret  naturist activities occasionally like these. In the1980's about once a year I would instigate a group or couple SN action, through my suburban neighborhood. My friends needed to get liquored up to do such nonsense, with a sense of adventure and balls. It wasn't military attitude to us so much as a smuggling operation.

We would use the moonlight. Every moment there was a plan made up on the spot to know where to go to hide until a car or pedestrian passed. There was a heightened awareness, listening. There were those dang motion detector lights. We'd wait till late at night and not around the time that the bars were closing. We took no backup clothing. It was naturism, liberating places not having nakedness before, but it was an adventure.

Found myself watching a drunk friend who wanted to be seen to make sure she got to safety without being arrested.

Didn't take a watch and got stuck over a mile from home at sunup, having to walk home with my wife through the neighborhood in broad daylight nude.

Got stuck in an alley with a buddy for an hour waiting for traffic on the road to calm down.

Got out of breath from running at full tilt when surprised.

Sat in a tree for quite awhile waiting for the kids who were out past curfew to go home.

I had fun with the game of it, but risk can have its drawbacks.I arrange for things to be more calm and I'm not into the risk as I was. My perspective has changed as to the actual danger that I'm in. I don't want danger anymore. I just want to be free. BUT, I sure had fun at those times, or I wouldn't have gone back for more.

When I was a teenager, we would sneak around after curfew and roam just to get away with it. It was fun. We used to run the US/Mexico border, just for fun, to get away with it. not actually smuggling anything, which wasn't illegal. Just a game with the patrols.

So, Lookee was doing this at his relatives house!

Free Range Naturism / Re: The Secret Naturist Handbook
« Last post by jbeegoode on April 21, 2021, 07:05:57 AM »
Cover to Cover: From "The Secret Naturist Handbook"

This technique is used by secret naturists to make best possible use of the cover provided in any given habitat, be it in the countryside or in urban areas. It is similar to methods used by military personnel in urban warfare but has been adapted to suit the special needs of the secret naturist.

Cover to cover is first considered on a secret naturist outing during the planning phase, when the actual route is planned. The route being planned to make best possible use of the natural cover provided by trees, vegetation, wall, undulations in the land and so on. By making this best use of available cover, we reduce the risk of being discovered.

Cover to cover essentially breaks down the route into short sections with points at the start and finish offering either partial cover and concealment or an escape route, before moving onto the next section. Again, as with many secret naturist techniques, this method is best explained by example.

The location in this instance is a relatives house and the route starts from the house, goes through the garden to an open area of ground behind a large building, along hedge and wall, finally ending at the junction where a street meets the head of a set of steps leading to a park. This location can only be tackled at night.

The interior of the house provides the initial starting point, offering complete concealment for undressing as well as a good overall view of the garden but not beyond. The first section runs the length of the house, from the exit door to the corner nearest the garden and along this section both the house and garden provide cover. At the start of the second section, the house corner provides cover while the neighbouring house is surveyed before heading into the garden.

Section two uses the bushes that run along the garden perimeter as cover from the neighbours garden. As the garden slopes steeply upwards, there is no cover here from the road to the front of the house and only darkness provides any protection.

Along the final part of this section, trees provide all round cover and the slope ahead provides cover to view the flat area of ground above and outside the garden.

From this point section three can be viewed safely. This section is open grass and has limited cover. A building directly ahead provided good cover as does the tall hedge that runs parallel to it for a short distance. The rear is protected by the garden. To the right, the view is open to houses and does present the highest risk along this section. To the right is a footpath along which the route takes. Maximum cover is utilised here by keeping between the building and the hedge with a convenient gap in the hedge serving as the cover point for the next stage.

Section four runs along the hedge for a short distance, then continues along a long stretch of high stone wall. A line of trees runs parallel to the wall giving cover to left and right. There is no cover to the front and rear. This long section has the highest risk. Should someone appear ahead, only the cover of darkness is available and retreat would be the only option. Similarly, anyone approaching from the rear when on this section, would be a problem. However, earlier reconnaissance has potential hiding places and various escape routes at the end of the section.

Trip reports / Re: First canoe trip of the year!
« Last post by jbeegoode on April 21, 2021, 07:01:16 AM »
The "black circle" is a sort of plug/lid. Inside you can store gear waterproof and secure. It also can provide a spot for air so it don't sink! There is also one up front. There are also straps on top to place luggage, which can be wrapped in a dry bag...Such a vessel is in my dreams sometimes. I stop in the REI store to drool on them an occasion. Something similar could cost $400 into thousands depending on the manufacturer, used or new, popular brand, or quality.

I have to justify expense and storage opposed to available water resources determining how much use I might get. So, in Arizona, I need a "deal."

I found a place that will rent them here in Tucson, so I'll figure that into my goal to do a nude two day trip down the Gila Box.
I just gave away my faltboot, because I was neglecting it. I may get a blow up kayak, one of these days. Great upper body workout. I also have a pair of naturist friends with four of them, but they aren't all "sit down in" instead of ,"sit on top."

There's just room for one passenger.

Yea, I'm sitting here, wiping my chin, to keep it off of the key board.  That is a dreamboat, with all the features that I would want...maybe a two seater for DF accompaniment. :-\ :P
Suggestions / Re: NEW posts notification icons? Problems?
« Last post by nuduke on April 20, 2021, 11:21:52 PM »
The good part of living out of town is that I can taken an hour walk every day, mow the lawn, grill the burgers, get the mail naked, and nobody cares.
Your magnificent property is enviable, Bob.  You have carved out a niche of modern living in a patch of countryside that is naked orientated and so the rurality has elements of both compromise as well as benefit - I wouldn't suppose you would find a plot like that in or very near a city.  Long may you have the health and strength to enjoy it.

Broadband internet should be a utility like electricity - available everywhere all the time.  I guess we are living in an era akin to the years after electricity became a utility - it took time to roll out completely.  Even in relatively tiny UK we have patches of rural areas with really awful or no internet and/or mobile signal.  Nowadays I can't imagine life without being plugged in to the net.  The ability to shop online has saved many lives during the pandemic I reckon for people who would otherwise be completely isolated!

Trip reports / Re: First canoe trip of the year!
« Last post by nuduke on April 20, 2021, 11:02:42 PM »
That looks like a fine vessel, JMF
One imagines many kilometres can be attempted in such a kayak.  Is there room to store camping gear for an adventure?
What is the black circle behind the oarsman?  A second seat?

How much does such a boat cost, if I may be so bold as to enquire?
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