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Born naked
« on: October 13, 2017, 01:39:25 AM »

Hi. My name is Terry and I am new to this site. My wife Judy and I have been naturists for over 30 years now.  Our first dive into naturism was The Orient Land Trust, in 1985 it was called Valley View Hot Springs in Colorado. A very good friend of ours that was living in Denver told us we needed to visit this place. She did not tell me it was clothing optional. Been hooked ever since.

I knew at a very young age I wanted to be naked outside. In my 20's I thought of seeking out professional help with these weird thoughts of wanting to be naked. Then I found Lee Baxandall's world guide, after visiting Orient Land Trust, and found other people have the same thoughts as I!

So in 30 years, we have belonged to two nude campgrounds in Wisconsin, with permanent trailers at each. We lived in San Diego for 12 years, going to Blacks Beach just about every weekend for 2 years, hanging out with The Camping Bears. Went to several nude resorts in California. Bought a house in Tucson with a clothing op backyard. Our relatives think we are strange, but they still love us.

My wife and I now live in the east side of Tucson, lived here 7 years now. I'm semi-retired, and we just bought a park home at DeAnza Springs in Jacumba. We visited there 3 times, and on the 3rd visit, we decided to retire there.


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Re: Born naked
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2017, 06:48:44 PM »
Hey there! Welcome home! Good to see you here.
The camping bares...I think the ones who's motto is the destroy the very fabric of society?
Things ebb and flow here. The cold winters in the British isles and up north become a damper at times. Then, on a given day conversation explodes as you can see when you explore the site. Lots of knowledge and camaraderie here.
The topic drift is notorious, but it has flow and is fun.

Welcome aboard Oso and Judy

Judy there is sporadic and sparse participation by other women here. DF is reluctant to type, except when she is directly addressed, but she reads. Karla runs things, with Stuart. The boys are respectful and happy to converse with. We're always happy to see the female perspective enriching the discussion. The wives participate in nude activity, and some don't. We support each other in those aspects when it comes up.

I might add that those that share our Baja Arizona habitat...well, that's wonderful.
I hope that you enjoy,
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Re: Born naked
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2017, 11:03:38 AM »
Hello Terry,
I was a member at Valley View in the 1980s and 1990s, back when they had a lottery for membership.  We may have crossed paths. 

Welcome to the forum.

Human bodies are natural, comfortable, and green.
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Re: Born naked
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2017, 08:27:54 PM »
Welcome, Oso. Jump, join or slide right in.
There are a couple of members here in your neck of the woods.