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Solstice hike in Vermont this June

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John P:
This year the solstice hike has the prospect of meeting friends who've traveled from far away, so I'm starting a thread well ahead of time. Perhaps as things become more clear, people will want to post here to coordinate plans.

There was a hike in 2020, but it wasn't very well recorded. Here's a report on the 2019 event, for the benefit of anyone who isn't familiar with what it's like:

It's not yet clear when the 2021 hike will take place. You can't just say, "Summer solstice is on June 21", because it doesn't necessarily happen on that date. In fact this year the North Pole makes its closest approach to the sun on June 20 at about 11:30pm in the eastern time zone (Monday, June 21, 2021 at 03:32 UTC) so June 20 may be the date for the hike. As the date gets closer, we'll see what the consensus is for which day we actually walk.

The "usual" spot seems to be a good one by your trip report. I like that other naked hikers were seen on the trail. That sounds like a more celebratory atmosphere. I like pizza and Italian. This is gonna be grreat!

So much has to be played by ear for us. Our (DF and I) constant, is her high school reunion in Buffalo on the 19th. We will be traveling on the 20th to get to the solstice hike. Maybe we sit like trail angels at the end, maybe, we get a shorter piece of the solstice hike in the afternoon. Maybe, it takes place on the 21st and we all wake up tired, after sitting up late by a fire. Then, there's weather and the unforeseen. Things will play out perfectly and we intend to stick around exploring and imbibing Vermont for a few days.

Vaccines are getting out there and I suspect that June will be quite a lot different from last June. I'd bet that Pizza in an enclosed space will be viable...unless an unforeseen plague-like version of variant comes roaring through.

I haven't eaten nude in a restaurant since Zipolite last February...Whoah! I haven't eaten in a restaurant, except some sushi, since then, now that I think about it!

After that reunion, our schedule becomes an open ended slightly educated vagabond jaunt, with the only firm piece of plan being a visit to my past and friends in Michigan on the way back to AZ.

I hope that this thread doesn't confuse with the "Summer Solstice 2021" thread that is here. Perhaps, we should choose one and note the other closed.

John P. I left you a PM.

With DF's Reunion cancelled for covid, we are determined to be in Vermont the 19th, Saturday afternoon, for the Solstice June 20th WNHD. Who else and where will it take place?

John P:
Yes JBG, I got your message and I'll be in touch with the details, making it more personal than I will here.

The Vermont hike used to be led by a guy named Ed from Albany NY, but it was clear 2 years ago that his health has declined, and we can't count on him to organize the hike again. Nothing was ever "official", but my friends Dan and Milt and I got together in a Zoom call a few days ago, trying to decide what we could do that would suit the situation--June 20 being Fathers' Day, and the virus crisis still being a concern. In the past we've done a linear hike from Wallingford to Mt Tabor on the Long Trail, but that requires people riding together in cars, and for those not vaccinated (probably because they haven't reached typical naturist age) that's a problem. And of course, we expect to meet friends from far away, who won't be coming straight from home.

We came up with a plan, and as usual, it was Milt who had the best ideas. What we'll do is go for 2 days, Sunday the 20th and Monday the 21st. The two hikes will be first on Sunday, an out-and-back walk at the Wallingford end of the usual trip, down to "White Cliffs" and return, featuring a waterfall along the way, and a "goblin village" of piled rocks. Then on Monday, we'll turn the southern part of the usual route into a loop, and go over Green Mountain and down to Little Rock Pond and back to the parking area. For anyone who really doesn't want to walk much, it would be possible just to walk to Little Rock Pond and wait there for the rest of the group.

After our Zoom call, Milt said he would send an email with the text of an announcement that we "can post on various lists and forums", but that hasn't come yet, so I can't give details of where and when to meet. That information will be coming soon.

See the report on the 2019 hike for a view of how this might look. Of course, since this is "all natural" and not a factory-made product, there's no way to predict how it'll actually turn out!

I've been looking at satellite images (google maps) and all I can say is, "lots of trees!" Everywhere I look, it's the same thought, "Lots of trees!"

Yup, getting excited about Vermont's potential for naturism.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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