Naked Munros
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Why Karla Does This

Looking back on my life, there have been numerous occassions where I have stripped off outside, often in public. I've never identified myself as a naturist as such, I just get my clothes off. In an ideal world no one would have any issues regarding nudity and there would be no such thing as naturism. It would be a world where you could strip naked whenever and wherever you want without a second thought. And that's what I try to do. I just feel like doing it rather a lot ...

I like my body. I like being fit and healthy. And I like doing all the physical sports that my body allows me to do. I don't want to take it for granted, to only value it when I no longer have it. Modern life for me feels rather unnatural. We need regular doses of exercise, adrenaline and endorphines. We can get this by going to the gym, buying the latest gadget or by watching films, but although initially satisfying it's effect is short lived. It's the equivalent of junk food. Our sensory environment should be noisy and complex, not full of straight clean edges and removed from nature. We were meant to be in natural environments, aware of the changing temperature, wind, humidity levels, noises etc. It's only the practicalities of the weather that mean we really need to put on clothes. Oh yes, and the midges too.

Being naked amongst the munros also appeals to my creative side. The Scottish highlands are beautiful and in my heart they feel like home. I've been into photography for a few years now and I find it is a brilliant activity to provide a focus for all my other hobbies. It allows you to remember your life up to that point, rather than let beautiful experiences fade away to a fuzzy recollection. But after a while, landscape photography becomes too easy in the highlands. It's yet another beautiful mountain, loch or glen. And so many people excel at it too. Often everything is perfect, the light, the scenery, composition, but the scene lacks some foreground interest. A nude body is a portable item of foreground interest that you never forget to bring with you! What's more, a nude body and beautiful scenery seem to complement each other better than you would at first imagine. Perhaps because that's how we started out.

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