Naked Munros
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Why Stuart Does This

First of all, and most importantly of all, its fun!!! I defy you to run naked across a field, a beach or a mountain, and not enjoy the experience. With this page we want to show people how much fun it can be to throw off their clothes on the mountains, and encourage them to try it themselves. Walking naked heightens the senses, and makes a trip to the mountains a whole new experience, one we think all of you who head to the mountains should share.

Which brings me to my second point. One of the reasons people often cite for hillwalking is "getting back to nature". How "back to nature" can you truly be in gore-tex and a fleece? Don't get me wrong, I wear as much technical kit on the mountains as anyone, but walking nude when the weather permits it takes getting back to nature to new heights.

How many hillwalkers have skinny dipped in Highland streams? Loads of them I'm willing to bet, so come on guys and gals, take it a step further, cast off your clothes and run across the mountain tops as naked as the day you were born!

Finally, lets get a little political. Nudity is, shall we say, a little bit shunned in modern society. Oh, its all over magazines, films and TV, but its usually selling something, its usually sexual in nature, and it rarely involves anything other than women with perfect bodies.

As a result, we all end up thinking that if you're not a woman with a perfect figure, your naked body's a bad thing, to be hidden away. Well stuff that I say, that sort of attitude makes fat people ashamed, and gives young girls eating disorders. We should all see a lot more naked people of all shapes and sizes, and stop being so damn hung up about it.

Being naked is fun, relaxing and de-stressing, so come on everyone, get up those mountains and bag yourself a few naked munros!

And if you do, let us know about it!

Bye for now!!!